City Settings - About Us

So you want to know more about us or this website? Cool... cool... nothing weird about that or anything.

The website has listing information for (some) places in (most) cities. This may or may not include phone numbers and driving directions so you can find your way to the place you looked up. I'm not sure what you thought this site was about, but that's pretty much it.

You can also rate and review these places for some reason. I'm not sure who spends their time rating various government buildings and services, but hey you can if you want and we might actually take the time to read it and say "Yep, looks legit let's post that review right away."

How else will anyone know that the public library in Arcadia Florida burnt down in 1973 and was never rebuilt and now the ashes of the hopes and dreams of a once proud people fly about dependent upon little more than the whims of the wind and a weird kid who runs around with one of those little handheld fans as long as he still has batteries?

As for the people making this website, there's just one and clearly he is taking this very seriously.